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What Would I Have Done Differently In Reaction To The 110 Dapchi Girls Kidnap

How Boko Haram Was Formed In Nigeria - Alhaji Atiku Abubakar
Written by Anonynmous
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What Would I Have Done Differently In Reaction To The 110 Dapchi Girls Kidnap

Let me paraphrase Oscar Wilde and say that to lose one set of girls to Boko Haram may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose another set, looks like carelessness. As an opposition party, the APC was vocal to the point of exploitating the issue of the Chibok girls’ kidnapping. They did not cut the Jonathan administration any slack. They criticised that government every step of the way and some may even claim that they undermined the then government’s efforts at resolving that unfortunate incident. So it is rather surprising that a set of people who were so unsparing in their critique of the previous government would be in a situation whereby they have allowed these same terrorists to kidnap 110 girls.  My First Action’ If I Am Elected President Come 2019 – Atiku

What would I have done differently? The former Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Chief Mike Okiro, revealed that 150,000 policemen are guarding various elites and those we know as ‘big men’. If I had my way, I would have recalled all of those 150,000 policemen who are not performing core police duties and send them to provide security for every school in the North-East region. That to me would be a better use of their time and services. We already know that Boko Haram has an agenda to cripple Western education in Nigeria. So how could we have left those schools unguarded? Why should the police be guarding VIPs who can afford personal guards and leave vulnerable girls unguarded? We are spending billions of Naira trying to encourage girls to go to school only to allow them be abducted by terrorists. I gave a number of Chibok girls scholarships to school at the American University of Nigeria, Yola. I did this in part because I wanted to reverse the damage done by Boko Haram to girl child education in Nigeria. I condemn these abductions and I urge the Federal Government to take firm action to ensure that it would never re-occur in Nigeria.

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  • This is simple but very logical and makes good sense for those who can think outside the box not the traditional way of thinking! That is why, I keep trying to make many people to understand that a vote for Atiku is a vote for better future, unity,robust economy and security capability. If we understands that nothing can change if we keep believing the lies and blame games of this so call APC administration then it means that, we have actually decided to take our only country off the hands of cluelessness and hand it over to people who can make our country great again.

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