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Better Nigeria: When We Think A Better Nigeria, Let’s Think Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Being Honest On Why They Did Not Handle The Issue Of Electricity Properly
Written by Anonynmous
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I am of the opinion that Nigeria as a nation needs an intelligent and an experienced man to steer her affairs. I am also of the opinion that every team has to go to the field with their best 11 if they must win any football match. We are now routing for our best 11 which will not be complete without Atiku Abubakar. •Atiku In 2015, Nigeria made the greatest mistake in the annals of political history by electing a candidate from APC. But today, gnashing of teeth and crying foul have become the order of the day.

The prices of commodities have gone extremely higher than expected. The price of the Petroleum Motor Spirit also known as fuel has gone haywire. We are now in between the devil and deep blue sea. We have become a nation running from one pillar to another seeking for a positive change that seems so hard to find. But do we fold our hands and watch our country sent into the dungeon by those cabals? Does it mean we have no other better options as a nation? As far as I know, Nigeria has not become Soddom and Gomorrah where the righteous could not be found for the Lord to spare the city according to Genesis: 18-26. Atiku Abubakar is not a saint, same way Ogazi Ejesieme or you reading this piece cannot boast to be one either, but in Atiku, there is hope and a better future for this nation. Atiku Abubakar does not need to be introduced in the Nigeria polity.

He was our Vice President during the time of HE Olusegun Obasanjo. In fact, from what I allegedly heard (which I believe others heard too) he was to take over from OBJ during their second tenure to become the number one man, but out of his own magnanimity, when President Obasanjo and his late wife Stella visited him and pleaded with him to allow him for another four years to make it eight years(even though most governors then in Nigeria advised Atiku not to agree), he had pity on OBJ and acquiesced to his plea, which was his greatest mistake. Of course, we all know the result and how lots of lies were told against Atiku so he could be hated by Nigerians and the world over. A kind-hearted man is always loved by all no matter what you do to tarnish his image. All that was told against him did not make the true lovers of Nigeria to despise him. It did not deter him from being his normal self. He never over reacted or planned any campaign of calumny against his opponents, rather he was calm, gentle and meek and that endeared him to the hearts of so many Nigerians. Today, there are many reasons why I believe that the Turaki Adamawa is the best option for Nigeria to move forward.

(1) ATIKU IS NOT A FANATIC: You will agree with me that the main problem bedevilling Nigeria is that of leaders who are FANATICS. These leaders are always out to suppress those who are not in the same line of religion, political party, region, tribe or kindred with them. Such people are witch-hunters and not leaders. But in the case of Atiku, he is not fanatical. He doesn’t care if you are Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba. He doesn’t want to know the political party you belong to. To him, religion does not matter. Whether Christian, Muslim, traditionalist, he is just interested in knowing you are a Nigerian and that’s all that matters.

(2) HE IS NOT A SADIST: This is one of the problems we are having with this present administration. Most of the people in this present administration are sadists and that is why the igbos suffer great losses. They have destroyed the businesses of so many Ndi Igbo due to sadism and hatred.

(3) SMART AND STRONG: Atiku Abubakar is energetic, strong and dynamic. With God, he will serve out his tenures without health hitches. (4) He is not Desperate: Atiku Abubakar is not desperate like most Nigerian politicians. If he was, he would not have listened to the then President Obasanjo to go for a second tenure which was supposed to be his own turn.

(5) HE IS EXPERIENCED: Leadership requires skill and vision and these are both things that work with longevity in private and public lives. You certainly won’t see old people appointed in Turaki’s. Such tales only happen where granpas with analogue ideas operate as leaders.

(6) NNAMDI KANU: Atiku Abubakar would not have sent troops to NK’s house or kill Biafran agitators because he will not consider any region as 3%, rather he would have used other humane ways to solve the problem. (7) ATIKU IS NOT PROUD: During his days as a senior officer in Nigeria Customs, he was known as a jovial jolly good fellow, one of the reasons his former colleagues are still missing him in the system till date. My close interaction with a senior custom officer who was his junior during his service suggests he was a very kind man and an egalitarian officer in the Customs who didn’t look down on any junior officer or malign those who are not of his tribe or religion, but instead he carries everyone along not minding rank or tribe.

(8) ATIKU’S LOOKS SAY IT ALL: There is an Igbo adage that says “Anya Ga Eligodu Tutu Onu Elie” which simply means that THE EYES EATS FIRST BEFORE THE MOUTH. Looking into Atiku Abubakar’s face, you would see a man with big heart. A kind man and a man with conscience. You will behold a man who would not fold his hands and watch the Fulani herdsmen killing and maiming Nigerians. You will see a man who would not regard or refer to any tribe as 3% for not voting him in an election. You will see a human face which is why Nigerians are beckoning on him to come and salvage them at this most trying times of their lives.

ATIKU IS A FRIEND OF THE IGBOS AS WELL AS OTHER TRIBES: Atiku Abubakar is known to be close to Igbos as he is to other tribes. With him in Aso Rock, I believe the Igbos will not continue to be sidelined in all spheres of high rank positions in Nigeria. There will be equal right and mutual understanding between people from the six geopolitical zones we have in Nigeria. It is also with the above reasons that am calling on Nigerians to #Vote #Atiku #Abubakar and PDP as it has become crystal clear that APC and Buhari have failed us. It’s also clear that PDP is the best option for Nigeria and Atiku is the best pilot to pilot the affairs of a new Nigeria under PDP. Dear Nigerians, when we think a better Nigeria, let’s think Atiku Abubakar.

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